Thomas in Minnesota, 2011

I was 10 years old in rural, North-central Minnesota. Early Spring, but still what most people would call Winter. In the mail that day arrived the May 1979 issue of National Geographic Magazine. I had been reading the magazine for a couple of years already, but mostly in an academic, cover-to-cover style. The magazine had been a wonderful source of knowledge, but until then hadn’t yet become a source of dreams.

An American expedition had finally summitted K2 in Pakistan, and Nat Geo featured an article by Jim Whittaker that had me believing that I was right there with them. I knew that mountains existed, but I had never seen one. I knew that photographers existed, but never imagined that I’d want to be one.

But on that day, I knew that I wanted to go there and do that.

I worked through my early teen years doing odd jobs for neighbors after school and on weekends. Feeding pigs, milking cows, chain-saws, hay-bales. While my friends were saving up for dirt bikes and Camaros, I had my sights on a 35mm camera.

Pacific coast of northern Chile

Then came the proud day when I walked straight back to the class photo counter at K-Mart and bought the Pentax K1000, with its 50mm f/2 lens, that I’d had been dreaming about. I still have this camera.

During my first years shooting for my high school yearbook, then later for my university weekly newspaper, I learned film developing and chemical printing techniques that would shape the way I’d eventually see and understand digital photography.

After my university studies in Political Science and Philosophy, I made vagabonding and adventuring my career for the next decade. Europe, Mexico and South America, New Zealand, Antarctica, Himalayan Asia, and the Great American West kindled a love for the mountains and mountain climbing. I moved my home to Colorado, and later to Wyoming. I trained and apprenticed as a Professional Mountain Guide and have been leading expeditions to the world’s highest and most beautiful peaks for the past 15 years. Photography has always been a great companion to my passion for mountains and wild places.

While leading an expedition to South America’s highest summit (Aconcagua) in 2006, I met Cecilia, the woman who would become my wife. I moved my residence to Mendoza, Argentina, in the heart of some of the world’s most beautiful wine country, to share my life with her. While in Argentina, I was able to visit many unknown and seldom-visited nooks and corners, and became more devoted to documentary photo projects.

Rio de Janiero, Brazil

I also found myself part of a new expanded family and have devoted my energy to portraiture and preserving special days, celebrations, and everyday living with a unique vision and style.

Please accept my invitation to browse and enjoy my galleries. These gallery pages will be a work in progress, and I hope to keep up a flow of fresh images, so bookmark and return often. I’m offering for sale as prints the images I feel are especially suited to home decor. I use the services of a custom professional printing lab, and will ship world-wide. In addition, all images on this site are available for licensed use for web or publication; please consult me for prices and terms.

Cecilia and I have recently re-located to the Denver, Colorado, area and would like to offer the local community the highest quality portrait and event photography services. In addition, we are accepting commercial photography assignments, specializing in food, architecture, and interiors.

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